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Viewpoint: Unite Against Trump (Memphis Flyer, 2/2/2017)

The election of Donald Trump presents an unique opportunity for conservatives and progressives to find common cause, if we’re willing to recognize it.

When Clinton battles Trump, winner is … Cruz? (Commercial Appeal, 9/27/2016)

Mick Wright, 38, a disappointed Cruz supporter, was at the bar to watch the debate even though he has no intention of voting in this year’s election.

“I am not going to vote because I want everyone to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I did not vote for Donald Trump,” he said. “Or for Hillary Clinton.”

Republican National Convention 2016

The Contributor goes to the conventions (The Contributor, 8/2/2016)

“Listening to Donald’s speech on Thursday reinforced that he is only about himself. His view of the world is not Republican, it is not conservative,” said Mick Wright, a Cruz delegate from Shelby County, Tenn. “Our party has a noble past and now we’ve become everything we’ve argued against.”

“It stripped away all the hope that I had in parties and in candidates. My only hope is in God and in trying to be a better person. And that’s what I’m going to try and do for the next four years. Is try to be a better Christian and try to improve myself. I don’t have any control over this process anymore. It’s out of my hands. But what I do have control over is being a better neighbor, and a better husband, and a better employee and a better friend.”

Ted Cruz for President 2016

Memphis voters gather to support their candidate, watch results come in (News Channel 3 WREG, 3/1/2016)

“Right now, there are only two candidates that have a path to the nomination, and one of them is Ted Cruz. Once some of these other candidates realize that they don’t have a path, we will go head to head with Donald Trump. And Ted Cruz will beat Donald Trump,” said Mick Wright.

GOP delegates appeal for Hispanic support ahead of Super Tuesday (Commercial Appeal, 3/1/2016)

Cruz’s background would help him represent immigrant citizens, said Wright, who is also a first-time delegate.

“Ted was raised to know the value of freedom, and what the country offers to all people,” he said.

150 years strong: Bartlett lays plans to celebrate sesquicentennial (Bartlett Express, 1/14/2016)

First Word: Potential local presidential delegates… (Commercial Appeal, 12/3/2015)

Ted Cruz rallies supporters at Agricenter (Bartlett Express, 8/19/2015)

Cruz for President Announces Additions to Tennessee Leadership (, 8/7/2015)

Chattanooga Tea Party Leader Mark West Joins Cruz Camp (Chattanoogan, 8/7/2015)

Bartlett alderman 2014 campaign

Pleasant’s win stymies younger Bartlett hopefuls (Commercial Appeal, 11/6/2014)

“I think voters are happy with the way things are going in Bartlett, so they decided to stick with the current leadership,” Wright said. “I can definitely understand why.”

Most incumbents win suburban races (Commercial Appeal, 11/4/2014)

In Bartlett’s only contested race, incumbent W.C. “Bubba” Pleasant turned back the active campaign of Mick Wright, a leader in the citizens’ effort to form municipal schools. Pleasant built an early lead in early voting and had with 58.4 percent with all 13 precincts reporting.

Photo by Yalonda M. James, The Commercial Appeal
Photo by Yalonda M. James, The Commercial Appeal

Down to the wire: Bartlett board hopefuls campaign to finale of early voting (Commercial Appeal, 10/30/2014)

Wright said he has stayed at the voting location the bulk of the time it has been open, saying he thinks “it’s important to be here.” He said not every potential voter wants to engage with the candidates, “but some want to meet us face-to-face” and hear their positions.

But as early voting headed to the last day, both candidates were cautiously optimistic about the outcome.

“I really don’t know what to expect,” Wright said. “…Hopefully, the voters are educating themselves.”

Bartlett candidate profile: Mick Wright (Bartlett Express, 10/23/2014)

A “Change” Election (Memphis Flyer, 10/23/2014)

Illness keeps Bubba Pleasant from attending forum (Commercial Appeal, 10/20/2014)

Wright outspends Pleasant in Bartlett race (Commercial Appeal, 10/10/2014)

Incumbent Pleasant plans to skip one Bartlett forum (Commercial Appeal, 10/8/2014)

“I would love to see as many forums and debates as possible,” Wright said. “I think Bartlett voters deserve to hear what our ideas are.”

Styles are contrasting in Bartlett race (Commercial Appeal, 8/27/2014)

Spirited campaigns emerging in Bartlett municipal elections (Commercial Appeal, 6/23/2014)

Wright said he believes candidates “should make themselves available for evaluation,” adding the suburb needs a diversity of leaders to “stand up and take ownership of this community and our future.”

Collierville, Bartlett Elections Heat Up (Memphis Daily News, 6/23/2014)

First Suburban Candidates File Petitions (Memphis Daily News, 6/12/2014)

Mick Wright to challenge alderman Bubba Pleasant in Bartlett (Commercial Appeal, 6/10/2014)

Better Bartlett committee

Photo by Carolyn Bahm Bartlett Express
Photo by Carolyn Bahm
Bartlett Express

Better Bartlett Schools changes name, focus (Bartlett Express, 4/23/2014)

“Serving Bartlett and its citizens is what we want to do,” Wright said.

Letter: Prank to problem (Commercial Appeal, 3/29/2014)

Bartlett schools’ policy: Non-residents allowed (Bartlett Express, 3/9/2014)

Mick Wright, who worked on the referendum to form Bartlett’s school district, said, “We’ve heard recently from Bartlett parents who understandably want their children’s needs to come first, and who rightly believe our entire community will benefit if families are drawn to Bartlett for its excellent school system. I simply want to remind them we anticipated an inclusive policy from the beginning.”

Pro-municipal groups step back (Commercial Appeal, 1/23/2014)

“Nobody is more…” President Obama meme

Bartlett city schools 2013 referendum

Candidate ‘mixer’ for Bartlett school board races set for Oct. 21 (Commercial Appeal, 10/9/2013)

“This will be an opportunity for (voters) to figure out (candidates’) philosophies, and what their goals are,” Mick Wright, a leader with Better Bartlett Schools, said, adding that it also is a chance for citizens “to give feedback on what they would like to see in a Bartlett school system.”

Shelby County Schools Prep for Own Districts (ABC 24, 8/20/2013)

Suburbs choose municipal schools (Bartlett Express, 7/17/2013)

What’s Next for Shelby County Municipal School Districts (ABC 24, 7/17/2013)


Voters say ‘yes’ to separate school districts in Memphis suburbs (Commercial Appeal, 7/17/2013)

Rally kicks off push for school referendum (Bartlett Express, 6/26/2013)

Bartlett Rallies In Support Of Creating City School District (WREG News Channel 3, 6/21/2013)

Bartlett rally supports new school system (WHBQ Fox 13, 6/21/2013)

Different atmosphere for suburban school vote as referendums approach (Commercial Appeal, 6/19/2013)

Bartlett, Germantown approve school referendum for July 16 (Commercial Appeal, 5/23/2013)

“Last time there was overwhelming support for this,” Mick Wright, a member of Better Bartlett Schools, told the Bartlett board.

“Last time, you didn’t know for sure. You had a good idea that Bartlett was behind this. This time, you know for sure, this city is behind Bartlett schools.”

Mike Ritz recall campaign

Otis Sanford: GOP call for Ritz recall is hopeless as mayoral run (Commercial Appeal, 3/31/2013)

I’ve got to hand it to Mick Wright. The prop he used at a recent Shelby County Republican Party meeting to illustrate dismay with County Commissioner Mike Ritz was clever.

One step closer (WMC-TV, 3/28/2013)

Wars and Rumors of War (Memphis Flyer, 3/28/2013)

A Ritz run for Shelby County mayor could be helped by Republican party ire (Commercial Appeal, 3/26/2013)

Luttrell doesn’t support Ritz recall effort (WHBQ Fox 13 Memphis, 3/26/2013)

Local GOP Convention Continues Tea Party Effort (Memphis Daily News, 3/26/2013)

Cooper lost to Mick Wright, who announced the start of an effort to recall Shelby County Commission Chairman Mike Ritz by waving around a box of Ritz crackers as he linked him to the countywide sales tax hike voted down last year by voters and the expected countywide property tax hike as well as the County Commission’s role in the schools merger lawsuit. “This community is in trouble because of Ritz,” Wright added, getting the biggest ovation of the day from the convention.

Commissioner Ritz considering running for county mayor (WHBQ Fox 13 Memphis, 3/25/2013)

1364227592-mick_wright_with_ritz_crackersLooking at County Mayor Race, Ritz Unworried by Effort to Recall Him, Ban Him from GOP (Memphis Flyer, 3/25/2013)

Campaign Started To Remove Commissioner Ritz From Office (WREG News Channel 3, 3/24/2013)

Bartlett city schools 2012 referendum

Shelby County suburban groups ask County Commission to drop fight against municipal schools (Commercial Appeal, 2/11/2013)

“No one embarked on this journey with the goal of inflicting great harm on the suburban Shelby County Schools,” Mick Wright of Better Bartlett Schools said in a press release from the groups, “but we have learned that this is the unavoidable result of consolidation.”

Bartlett forms schools committee (Commercial Appeal, 8/10/2012)

In brief: School backers host fundraiser (Commercial Appeal, 6/14/2012)

Better Bartlett Birthday Bash (Bartlett Express, 5/31/2012)

Memphis suburbs focus on schooling voters ahead of Aug. 2 referendums (Commercial Appeal, 5/31/2012)

Six Memphis suburbs give OK to seek Aug. 2 municipal school referendums (Commercial Appeal, 5/29/2012)

Mick Wright, a leader with Better Bartlett Schools, a grassroots support group for the municipal schools idea, disagreed, saying there had been plenty of study, and the ordinances give the citizens a chance to vote on the idea.

Germantown mayor outlines school issues (Commercial Appeal, 4/25/2012)

Mick Wright with Better Bartlett Schools, a grassroots citizen-based organization lobbying for municipal districts, also spoke to the club.

“Does anyone here disagree with the proposition that parents should have a say in how their children’s schools are run?” he asked. “I think we all agree with that.”

Wright joked that this issue presented “the first time in history that Democrats have caused Republicans to want to raise their own taxes.”

Bartlett group’s municipal schools committee stalled by ruling (Commercial Appeal, 3/22/2012)

Memphis suburbs consider legal action to force vote on municipal schools (Commercial Appeal, 3/22/2012)

Feasibility studies: Arlington, Bartlett like what they hear (Commercial Appeal, 1/19/2012)

Bartlett asks citizens for input on establishing school system (Commercial Appeal, 11/12/2011)

“Even if we don’t have all the information, it’s still OK to have a discussion on what you would like to do and what you would like to see,” said Mick Wright, a leader of the Bartlett group.

Court ruling leaves room for Bartlett to make school decisions (Bartlett Express, 8/10/2011)

Suburban citizens turn to Internet to provide residents with info on school options (Commercial Appeal, 7/3/2011)

Peter Martin of Better Bartlett Schools noted that, like Germantown, there are no city officials on their steering committee. Mick Wright, another member of the Bartlett group, said he met with Mayor Keith McDonald to make sure the group’s existence wouldn’t interfere with the city’s efforts. Otherwise, their plan is to supplement the city’s approach with information the group has garnered.

“We just want to make sure people are making informed choices,” Wright said of the public’s understanding of education options.

Local and national activism, 2005-2011 

Shelby GOP Names Joy New Chair (Memphis Daily News, 3/22/2011)

Leadership Bartlett Ready to take the helm (Commercial Appeal, 7/15/2009)

photoNew York Times Outs CIA Operative (Newsbusters, 6/22/2008)

Some Links for Jon Stewart (Newsbusters, 6/11/2008)

Condi pundit | Cordovan champions Rice presidential bid (Commercial Appeal, 7/12/2006)

Speculation Continues Over Possible Rice Bid for 2008 White House (Associated Press, 7/10/2006)

Mick Wright, a webmaster in Memphis, Tenn., is one of more than a dozen people who registered draft-Rice Web sites in the year after Bush was re-elected.

“Once that was all over, you started thinking, what’s going to happen in the next election?” said Wright, a co-founder of “The first one to come to mind as a viable candidate was Condoleezza Rice.”

‘Condistas’ want Rice for president (Associated Press, 7/5/2006)

Blog Rolling | Best Local Blogs (Memphis Flyer, 11/11/2005)