msj2005septA few months prior to the first issue of the Main Street Journal in September 2005, I was fortunate enough to meet Jonathan Lindberg and Mike Frizzell, who founded and edited the magazine. The monthly publication would cover politics and culture in Memphis and the Mid-South, but they did not plan on having an online presence until I convinced them to let me build their website, then later design and maintain a blog.

The subscription-based print version made a splash and survived several years before eventually succumbing to the economic buzzsaw facing all such publications. The website continued strong for a few additional years under the steady management of Mike Hollihan, a local blogger I had introduced to them soon after I came aboard.

I will always appreciate the opportunity I had to work with the Main Street Journal. Below are twenty full-length articles and op-eds published in the magazine’s print and/or online version.

Online exclusives